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Waverley to update parking tariffs in borough car parks

Published Thursday, 27 February 2020

Car parking tariffs across the borough will be updated, following the recommendations of a parking review.

The changes, which include a freeze on the cost of all one hour stays - and some two hour stays in Farnham and Cranleigh, will be carried out using a tailored approach for each car park. Some car parks will see an increase in tariffs, while others will remain the same or become cheaper, but prices will still remain reasonable and among the lowest in the area, compared with neighbouring towns.

Long-stay prices are to be slightly increased in busy town centre car parks in order to encourage turnover and make sure there are enough spaces for shoppers, which will help to provide a boost to the local retail economy. The changes to tariffs are also designed to encourage commuters and town centre workers to park outside of heavily used central car parks, by offering cheaper long-stay parking where there is greater capacity. It is also hoped cheaper pricing in car parks on the edges of towns will encourage people to take a short walk into the town centres, helping to reduce the amount of traffic and air pollution. This is the case in Farnham, where tariffs for Riverside 2 and 3 car parks have been reduced from £4.20 to £3.50 and £3 respectively for 10 ½ hrs. In addition, Cranleigh’s Village Way and Stocklund Square car parks will see a price reduction from £8.40 to a maximum tariff of £4 for 24 hours. 

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