Farnham Weybourne and Badshot Lea postal votes

Published Monday, 22 April 2019

Due to a printer's error, some postal vote packs for the borough ward of Farnham Weybourne and Badshot Lea have the voter’s address printed in the wrong place.

The council's Chief Executive and Returning Officer, Tom Horwood, has sent the following letter to all postal voters in the ward:  
I apologise that many of the postal vote packs in this ward (on white paper) contain a printing error, which means that you will be receiving a replacement pack (on green paper). The printers have taken full responsibility for the error, but I would like to add how sorry I am that this has happened and that it is causing such an inconvenience.
The town council ballot papers (on peach-coloured paper) were fine. No other ward in Waverley has been affected and they will continue to use the correctly printed papers: white for borough and peach for town/parish. Only Weybourne & Badshot Lea will use the green papers for borough elections.
If you have already sent in your white postal vote papers for Weybourne and Badshot Lea, they will not be counted and you need to vote again on the new green papers, which should arrive this week.
If you have not yet sent in your white postal vote papers, please destroy and dispose of them. Vote using the green papers, which should arrive this week.
If you have voted for the town council on the peach papers, that is fine: the town council peach papers were printed correctly.
All postal votes need to be received by us by 10pm on polling day: Thursday, 2nd May 2019. They can be sent by post to our offices at Waverley Borough Council, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1HR or handed in on 2 May at a polling station in the Waverley borough.
So how did this happen? This ward’s packs were initially delayed by a few days: in our usual proofing at the printers in East London, we rejected the Weybourne and Badshot Lea packs because a party logo was printed incorrectly. The printer fixed that problem, but added the new error that wasn’t there before, with pages being printed in the wrong place, and then unfortunately did not send us proof copies before despatch. The printers have accepted responsibility for these errors. The wrong packs started arriving with voters on Saturday, 20 April. We were alerted over the bank holiday weekend and immediately worked to resolve the problem; I thank voters, candidates, agents and others who were in touch with me over the weekend. The national Electoral Commission has been kept informed and agrees with our plan to reissue the new postal vote packs on green paper.

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