Waverley adopts infrastructure charging schedule for developers

Published Thursday, 1 November 2018

Waverley Borough Council has formally adopted a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule for planning applicants.

The CIL charging schedule was recently approved by the government examiner and was adopted at the Full Council meeting on 31 October 2018. An implementation date of 1 March 2019 was also agreed.

The CIL is a planning charge that requires developers and householders applying for planning permission to contribute towards the cost of infrastructure to support development. CIL funds can be used for infrastructure projects that benefit the entire community and are not linked specifically to the development schemes. Other developers’ fees such as Section 106 will continue to play an important role in the delivery of infrastructure in the borough but will now be limited to improvements to make a specific site acceptable.

The CIL can be used to fund a wide variety of community infrastructure projects, including transport networks, school expansion schemes, new health centres and leisure facilities. The charging schedule adopted by the council will generate approximately £40,000 for every new home built in the area and will also generate income from some retail developments.

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