Examiner’s report approves CIL for Waverley Borough Council

Published Wednesday, 10 October 2018

A government examiner has approved Waverley Borough Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule for developers.

Now the schedule has been approved by the examiner, the council will seek to formally adopt it and agree an implementation date at the Full Council meeting on 31 October 2018.

The CIL is a planning charge that requires developers of new housing to contribute towards the cost of infrastructure to support the development. It can be used to fund a variety of infrastructure projects, including transport networks, school expansion schemes and leisure facilities. The charging schedule proposed by the council would generate around £40,000 for every new home built in the area.

The Examiner’s report stated that the charging schedule ‘provides an appropriate basis for the collection of the levy in the area’ and that the council had demonstrated that ‘the levy rates would be set at levels that will not put the overall development of the area... at risk’.

The report recommended that Waverley Borough Council should monitor the local impacts on development and review the CIL after three years of operation.

The Examiner’s Report is available to read in full.

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