Councils work together to tackle litter and dog fouling

Published Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Waverley Borough Council is joining forces with East Hampshire District Council to crack down on people who leave mess across the borough.

Waverley is adopting a tougher approach by punishing those who leave litter or their dog’s mess in the borough’s streets, roads, parks and public spaces by handing out fines to offenders. The council hopes this will make a significant impact on reducing littering and dog fouling in the borough.

The partnership with East Hampshire will provide the council with extra resource to put more officers on the ground to catch offenders for a trial period. The move will not cost Waverley any money as East Hampshire will keep a proportion of the fines to cover its costs.

The fines will be set at £100, discounted to £75 for early payment within 14 days. They will be issued by officers to anyone caught dropping litter, including cigarette butts and chewing gum, dumping rubbish at recycling banks and not clearing up after their dog.

East Hampshire District Council, which currently provides similar services for other neighbouring local authorities, has offered to begin the trial in May.

To report littering or dog fouling please visit: or call 01483 523524.

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