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Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan

A formal application was made by Cranleigh Parish Council to designate the Neighbourhood Area and was publicised in accordance with the relevant Regulations. No adverse comments were received. On 16 July 2013 we designated Cranleigh Parish as a Neighbourhood Area.


We have appointed Ann Skippers as the independent examiner to undertake an examination of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan.

Examination documents:

In response to this, the parish council has decided to proceed with the 'Option B' suggested within the Note of Interim Findings from the Examiner, which includes additional work to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and updates to the Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). The parish council has noted the modifications and recommendations within the Examiner's Note of Interim Findings with regards to the policies, and are agreeable to changes being made during the examination, but do not consider that these will fundamentally alter the overall spirit and direction of the Plan.

Cranleigh Parish Council has decided to formally withdraw the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan from Examination.

Previous stage: Regulation 16 consultation

The Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to us and we ran a six week consultation from 18 October to 29 November 2019.

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan submitted documents and Regulation 16 consultation details

Supporting documents