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Hire a park for an event or activity

You can hire one of our parks for an event or activity. This includes fairs and group exercise classes.


Fees vary, depending on the event. Example costs:

  • Fete or show - £170 per day
  • Bonfires - £118.50
  • Circus or fair - £319.30 per day to set up and dismantle. £669.50 per day when open to the public.
  • Fitness licence - once a week group - £165.90 for an annual licence

There is a minimum administration fee of £154.50 (+VAT) in addition to the hire fee.

Community, non-commercial or charity events may receive a reduction from the commercial event charges.

How to book

You need to apply online at least 10 working days before your event. Please allow 30 working days for large-scale events. For help please check out our event guidelines document before submitting.

You will need to attach paperwork, including public liability insurance and a risk assessment for the event when you apply.

Outdoor Event Licence Application

Filming and photoshoots

You will need to apply for a licence to use our parks and open spaces for filming in Waverley. Find out more at:

Film Waverley

More information

For more details please contact the parks and countryside team:

Email: parks&

Tel: 01483 523394