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Guildford to Godalming Greenway proposals

About the Guildford to Godalming Greenway

The Guildford – Godalming Greenway is a proposal to provide a continuous, high-quality, 7km route for walking, cycling and mobility access between the two towns. 

The spinal route between the two town centres is being designed by Surrey County Council with support from Waverley and Guildford Borough Councils. 

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Public consultation

Surrey County Council ran a public consultation on the proposals from 10 October 2021 to 21 November 2022. 

Surrey County Council analysis and responses to the public consultation

The public consultation included a complementary section of greenway, Godalming Gateway, (connecting Bridge Street to Borough Road) proposed by Waverley Borough Council.

Waverley Borough Council’s analysis and responses to comments on this section:

Responses to Godalming Greenway Gateway Public Consultation

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