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Date posted: 16 May 2024

Unauthorised encampment update - Village Way Car Park, Cranleigh

As you may be aware there is an unauthorised encampment in Cranleigh. The encampment at Village Way/Cranleigh Leisure Centre Car Park has been visited by officers and the necessary welfare checks have been completed.

The strict legal processes we have to follow before an encampment can be moved are underway at the site.

We have submitted the relevant applications to court, with a first court hearing listed. We are working formally with the police to explore all options.

We are doing this as quickly as possible whilst ensuring we maintain their welfare and treat all those involved with dignity and respect.

We understand the concern this may be causing to some residents and we are working hard to find a timely solution for all concerned. Where necessary and appropriate, we are continuing to put preventative measures in place to manage future unauthorised encampments in locations across Waverley.

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