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Farnham Town Centre

Date posted: 21 September 2022

Help Shape Farnham's Future

You have until Sunday 2 October to say yes or no to proposals to transform Farnham town centre.  

Over the summer the Farnham Infrastructure Programme, which is made up of Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Farnham Town Council and Jeremy Hunt MP, has been consulting on two proposals for the future of the town centre.

Visit the Farnham Infrastructure Programme web page for more information.

The proposals

Proposal A: Castle Street and Downing Street improvements

This proposal involves making the temporary arrangements in Castle Street and Downing Street permanent alongside other improvements. Castle Street will stay two-way, but the road will be narrowed; while Downing Street will permanently become a single lane, one-way road. The changes will mean wider pavements for pedestrians, new cycle parking and bus stop improvements alongside space for outdoor dining, new trees and planting, and retailers' deliveries.

Proposal B: Changing the traffic flow direction, and widening pavements on The Borough, Castle Street and Downing Street

This proposal would widen pavements and provide new and improved crossings around the town centre for pedestrians, alongside space for cycle parking, bus stop improvements and retailers' deliveries alongside new trees and planting. It will also change the traffic flow, so some roads that are currently one-way would become two-way. This would prevent vehicles having to circle unnecessarily around the town.

The consultation gives people who live, work, visit or travel through Farnham the chance to say yes or no to the proposals, and give detailed feedback. The programme is also asking for feedback on ways to improve the A31 corridor, with options for the Coxbridge Roundabout, Hickley's Corner and the Shepherd and Flock Roundabout.

You can visit Surrey County Council's Farnham Infrastructure Programme web page to have your say by Sunday 2 October.


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