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Bramley resident?

Date posted: 07 June 2024

Bramley residents - bottle recycling advice

Residents in Bramley currently affected by the ‘do not drink’ notice that was put in place last week are being advised that the council is putting on additional recycling collections to deal with any excess water bottles.

Collections will take place on the normal scheduled collection day of Monday, but extra bottles that need recycling but don’t fit in the bin will be collected too, if placed in a clear plastic sack next to the recycling bin.  

There will be an additional Saturday recycling collection from the affected properties from Saturday 15 June which will continue weekly whilst needed. We would ask residents to put their recycling bins out from 6am as with their normal collection and it will be collected during the day. This will continue until the water issue is resolved.

We thank residents for their patience and cooperation during this time.

Up-to-date details on the wider situation in Bramley is available on the Surrey County Council website. It includes information on water supply, roadworks, public transport and schools affected.


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