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Waverley Borough Council reduces bin size in line with zero waste commitment

On Tuesday 30 March, Waverley’s Executive committee agreed to adopt a new policy and charging system for refuse, recycling and food waste bins as part of the council’s commitment to reduce waste and to encourage recycling, reusing and composting in the borough. As part of the new policy, which fits in with the council’s goal to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2030, residents requesting new household rubbish bins will receive 180 litre bins instead of 240 litre bins.

Richard Homewood, Head of Environmental & Regulatory Services, said:

“As a council who declared a climate emergency and is now working hard to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030, we are looking at all areas we can make a difference. The switch to grey bins made predominantly of recycled plastic will significantly reduce our carbon footprint.  Ongoing reductions in residual waste from our residents and further improvements in the amount of collected waste which is reused, composted or recycled plays an important/major part.

“Analysis shows that this 25% reduction in capacity should still be more than adequate for the vast majority of households in Waverley, given that the average weight of residual waste is just 14kg per household per fortnight.  We do hope that residents will understand and get on board with the changes and help us achieve our carbon neutrality goals.”

For further information visit Waverley Borough Council - bin policy FAQs

In addition, Waverley Borough council is currently encouraging residents to subscribe to its garden waste service which looks to reduce garden waste transport mileage and the resultant carbon emissions that accrue from many individual trips by householders to community recycling sites.  For residents who sign up for the service before June 2021, the service costs just £99, which includes a one-off charge for the bin.  Collections take place fortnightly, although there are no collections over Christmas and New Year.  You can sign up at

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