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Personal licence to sell alcohol - guidance

You or a member of your staff must hold a personal licence if you sell alcohol from licensed premises, so that every sale or supply of alcohol is authorised by a personal licence holder.

A new application process normally takes about one month and it can be used throughout England and Wales. You must be 18 years or older and hold an accredited licensing qualification. You are also required to provide a criminal conviction disclosure form. 

A personal licence holder must be named on a premises licence as the designated premises supervisor (DPS).

Licensed premises include any premises that are allowed to sell alcohol under a premises licence.

Personal licences remain valid unless surrendered, suspended, revoked or declared forfeit.

Apply for a personal licence to sell alcohol (PDF)

Further guidance can be found in the sections below.

If you move or your contact details change, you need to let us know.

Do this by informing us in writing, including your licence, and pay the fee.


You don't need to renew after 10 years

It is no longer necessary to renew a personal licence once it is 10 years old but you must inform us of change of details such as change of address. 

You don’t need a personal licence to sell alcohol under a temporary events notice.


See our Fees for entertainment and premises licensing


As a licence holder it is an offence to allow anyone to sell alcohol to children on licensed premises and you could have to pay a fine (unlimited amount).