What is CIL?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tariff that councils can choose to charge on new developments to raise funds to provide infrastructure. The money raised could be used towards:

  • new SANG for the Thames Basin Heaths SPA
  • transport
  • schools
  • leisure and community facilities
  • environmental improvements.

The CIL will largely replace the existing system of ‘Section 106’ developer contributions. However, such agreements will still be used for site-specific infrastructure and to provide affordable housing.

We have to prepare a Community Infrastructure Charging Schedule, which will outline what we are proposing to charge. The charging schedule has to go through two stages of consultation, before being considered at an independent examination.

A provisional timetable for the production of the charging schedule is set out in the Local Development Scheme.

Modifications to the Draft Charging Schedule

Since the Draft Charging Schedule was published for public consultation between 15 December 2017 and 26 January 2018, a number of minor modifications have been made to the document, although the proposed rates have not changed. These are set out in the Statement of Modifications.

Statement of Modifications

Any person may request to be heard by the Examiner in relation to the modifications as set out in the above Statement of Modifications. Please note that only comments made and requests to be heard on these proposed modifications can be considered at this stage.

Requests to be heard must include:

  • Details of the modifications on which you wish to be heard (by reference to the Statement of Modifications)
  • Whether you support or oppose the modifications and why

The Council will submit a copy of each request it receives to the Examiner. Requests to be heard may be withdrawn at any time by giving notice in writing to the Council.

Requests to be heard by the Examiner must be made in writing by 8 June 2018 to:

Previous Consultation Stages

There were two stages of consultation before the Draft Charging Schedule was submitted for examination.

Consultation Stage Consultation Date Consultation Documents

Draft Charging Schedule
(view responses)

15 December 2017 - 26 December 2018

The Statement of Representations Procedure and statement of fact was published by local advertisement notice on Thursday 14 December.

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule
(view responses)

19 June - 31 July 2017

More Information

For further information on the Community Infrastructure Levy, please contact us by telephone on 01483 523291 or via email to: planningpolicy@waverley.gov.uk.

In addition you can view a set of CIL related FAQs.

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