The SFRA provides evidence about the present and future risk of flooding in Waverley from all sources of flooding including from rivers, surface water, sewer, groundwater and artificial sources (canals and reservoirs). It sets out the framework to apply the Sequential Approach and the Sequential Test as required in paragraph100 of the NPPF.

The information in the SFRA will help:

  • make decisions on planning applications;
  • identify what further flood risk investigation may be needed for specific development proposals
  • allocate land for development and prepare planning policies in relation to flooding issues;
  • the Council's emergency planning.
The SFRA is a live document and the Council intends to update it whenever new guidance or information becomes available. There may, however, be interim periods where new information is available, but has not yet been updated into this assessment. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are using the best available data. We recommend that users contact the Council, Environment Agency, and / or other data owners identified within this assessment to check whether updated information is available which supersedes that shown within the SFRA.

The Waverley Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, originally published in 2010 has been updated. The 2015 version is available in three volumes.

Volume 1: Decision Support Document

Volume 2: Technical Report

Volume 3: Maps

Volumes 1 and 2 are available to download in their entirety, however Volume 3  containing the maps is a large document and has been divided it into seven sections to allow downloading.

The Council  will use this information in the sequential testing process of identifying general locations for development and in formulating strategic policies.

The maps within this assessment only give a strategic overview of locations where flooding may be more likely to occur across the borough. They are not definitive about the risk of flooding to individual properties. Their purpose is to identify the need for further investigation of the actual risk within a more detailed site-specific flood risk assessment and to assist in applying the sequential test.

Being located in Flood Zone 2 or 3 does not mean your home or business will be flooded: many other factors will need to be considered. The Flood Zone maps are a screening tool and should prompt those who live near a river to be aware and find out more. Similarly, being in an area at risk of surface or ground water flooding does not mean that your property will be flooded, but that you need to be aware of the level of the risk and obtain more information.


Since the data collection stages of the Level 1 update were completed, further information on historic flooding events in Alfold has come to light. More details are available on the flooding page of the parish council website.


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