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Waverley Borough Council appoints new Mayor, Leader and Executive

Published Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Following the borough-wide election on 2 May, new and returning councillors attended Waverley Borough Council's Annual Council meeting.

During the meeting, Councillor John Ward was appointed as the new Leader of the Council and Councillor Mary Foryszewski appointed as the new Mayor of Waverley.

At the event, which took place in the Council Chamber in Godalming on Tuesday 21 May, Councillor Ward (Farnham Residents), who is ward member for Farnham Shortheath and Boundstone, said he was ‘delighted’ to take up the position.

He was proposed by Councillor David Beaman and seconded by Councillor Paul Follows to step into the chief position and provide the council with effective leadership and strategic direction.

Councillor Ward, who is a retired geophysicist and oil company executive, said: “I am extremely pleased to take on this role and I am looking forward to collaboratively leading the council to make the borough a better place for everyone.”

Councillor Ward also announced that his Deputy Leader would be Councillor Paul Follows (Liberal Democrats), ward member for Godalming Central and Ockford.

Councillor Follows said: “This is a really exciting time for the borough of Waverley and I am happy to be working with colleagues on the new Executive from a number of different parties. Together we will make sure we represent the views of all in our borough and listen to the voices of everyone, no matter what their background.”

Other members of the council’s new Executive are as follows:

  • Councillor David Beaman (Farnham Residents)
  • Councillor Andy MacLeod (Farnham Residents)
  • Councillor Mark Merryweather (Liberal Democrats)
  • Councillor John Neale (Farnham Residents)
  • Councillor Nicholas Palmer (Labour)
  • Councillor Anne-Marie Rosoman (Liberal Democrats)
  • Councillor Steve Williams (Green)

Councillor Nicholas Palmer, Leader of the Waverley Labour Party group, said: “I am looking forward to working in partnership with colleagues on the Executive to help to make our community fairer.”

Councillor Steve Williams, Leader of the Waverley Green Party group, said: “This is an exciting moment to have the first Green member on Waverley’s Executive; I hope that we can do lots to help support and protect our environment for future generations.”

The new Mayor of Waverley

Mayor of Waverley, Cllr Mary Foryszewski


The new Mayor of Waverley Borough Council, Councillor Mary Foryszewski was also elected to the civic and ceremonial role at the Annual Council Meeting.

She will hold the post for one year, attending a wide variety of engagements, acting as an ambassador for the council, as well as chairing council meetings and raising awareness of male mental ill-health. The Mayor would also like to find a local charity that offers animal therapy to raise funds for during her time in the role.

She was nominated for the position by Councillor Carole Cockburn and seconded by Councillor Paul Follows. The Mayor said: “I am so looking forward to undertaking this role and getting to see more of our wonderful borough and its residents over the next year.

“It was a special moment to be nominated by councillors across political parties and I will ensure I make all my fellow councillors and residents proud.

“I have decided to raise awareness of male mental ill-heath and male suicide because it’s something that so often isn’t talked about. I want to help keep the conversation about mental health going as it is something that affects everyone and males in particular need to know that it’s OK to reach out and ask for help if they need it.

“Over the year I am also looking forward to holding a dog X Factor style event and Bake Off event for raise money for my charity and put on something that everyone can enjoy and get involved with.”

The Mayor, who has lived in the borough since 1989, has been a Waverley councillor since 2003 and owns a small dog training business. She also enjoys gardening and musical theatre in her spare time.

She added: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time as Deputy Mayor last year and I want to thank and pay tribute to my outgoing colleague, Denise Le Gal for the fantastic work she did last year when she held the position.”

Denise Le Gal was Mayor from May 2018. During her time in the role she raised £5,200 plus gift aid for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, which supports soldiers and veterans from the British Army, and their immediate families, when they are in need.

Denise said some of her favourite times as Mayor included unveiling the Memorial Stone for Canadian soldiers, who served in the First and Second World Wars, at Milford Common and all the Remembrance services that marked the end of the centenary of the First World War and commemorated the sacrifices made by those soldiers.

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Execteam: The Waverley Executive: (left to right, front row) Cllr Anne-Marie Rosoman, Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Paul Follows, Leader of the Council, Cllr John Ward, Cllr David Beaman (left to right, back row) Cllr Mark Merryweather, Cllr Nicholas Palmer, Cllr John Neale, Cllr Andy McLeod, Cllr Steve Williams

Mary_1: The Mayor of Waverley, Councillor Mary Foryszewski

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