BT telephone box consultation

Published Monday, 28 November 2016

Have your say on BT proposals to remove 48 payphone boxes across Waverley.

Waverley Borough Council is carrying out a community consultation, to find out what local people think about British Telecom’s plans to remove phone boxes across the borough. 

The phone boxes are listed on the council’s website, along with the number of calls made from each phone box in the last 12 months. BT proposes to remove these payphones on the basis of low usage and the extent of mobile network coverage.

BT is aware that many people find the red phone boxes an important part of the local street scene. The proposal to remove 48 payphones does not include the 10 listed red payphones in Waverley. However, the consultation will give communities an opportunity to adopt a traditional red phone box and make them a community asset.

Councillor Andrew Bolton, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, said: “BT has opened up a consultation about the proposed removal of 48 phones boxes across Waverley and has invited the council to respond. We have informed all councillors and the town and parish councils but also want to hear the views of our communities.

“We are committed to ensuring that BT retains phone boxes in our remote rural areas. Although most people now have mobile phones, our experience is that reception is still patchy in many parts of the borough.

“We would like to know whether residents support or object to the proposals so we can include their views in the councils response to BT.”

To take part in the consultation go to before Friday 16 December 2016.




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