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Farnham town centre conservation area

Designated: 1970

Extended: 1979 & 2005

Farnham Town Centre conservation area map 

Farnham Town Centre conservation area appraisal SPD

Farnham Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal SPD

The aim of the Farnham Conservation Area Appraisal is to provide an assessment of the character of the Farnham conservation area. It identifies those qualities which should be preserved or enhanced and provides proposals for the improvement of the area.

The appraisal was adopted on 22 February 2005 and resulted in the extension of the Conservation Area around South Street, Victoria Road, Union Road and Cambridge Place. The new boundary includes the Victoria and Haren Gardens.

Farnham Conservation Area Management Plan

Conservation Area Management Plan

In 2012 we worked with Farnham Town Council, The Farnham Society, Surrey County Council and Farnham Castle to produce a conservation area management plan for the Farnham Town Centre Conservation Area (FCAMP).  The document seeks to set out how the conservation area will be actively managed to enhance and better reveal its historic significance. A consultation was undertaken between Tuesday 8 May 2012 to Monday 9 July 2012 seeking the public's views on the document.

The document was adopted in October 2012 with the intention that the FCAMP document will become a material consideration in the determination of relevant planning applications, and be used as a basis for bringing forward relevant environmental enhancements within the conservation area. 

Farnham Design Statement

The conservation area is also covered by the Farnham Design Statement which was adopted as material planning consideration in 2010.

Farnham Design Statement

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