Waverley Abbey conservation area

Designated:     12 December 1989

Waverley Abbey conservation area has an attractive and distinctive character with two contrasting rural scenes,  particularly of high architectural and historic interest (three Listed Buildings and one Scheduled Ancient Monument).

The first scene consists of the open and spacious grounds of Waverley Abbey House, built in 1723 set in well landscaped grounds, and Waverley Abbey Ruins which was founded in 1128 and was the first Cistercian monastery in England, it has a beautiful setting on the loop of the River Wey and against the wooded hillsides.

The second scene consists of  tightly grouped dwellings centred around Waverley Mill Bridge.

Waverley Abbey conservation area map

Download the Waverley Abbey conservation area map.

Farnham Design Statement

Find out more about the Farnham Design Statement which also covers this conservation area.

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