Ockford Road (Godalming) conservation area

Designated:    26 March 1974
Extended:       21 July 2015

Ockford Road (Godalming) conservation area map

Ockford Road (Godalming) Conservation Area Appraisal

Following a public consultation, the Ockford Road Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) was adopted at Full Council on 21 July 2015. The document includes amendments to the conservation area boundary.

Material consideration for planning applications

The document is a material planning consideration for all applications within the conservation area. It identifies and explains the character of the conservation area. It also contains a Management Plan section which sets out specific actions/projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the conservation area as well as managing change in the future.

Ockford Road conservation area appraisal

Download the Ockford Road conservation area appraisal (CAA) consultation statement.

General character

Ockford Road CA offers evidence of the historic development of Godalming as a market town from the 17th to early 20th century. The buildings illustrate the changing perceptions of this area as a location for housing, ranging from densely built cottages of the 17th century to larger, more prestigious homes built in more spacious grounds in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.  The collection of historic buildings contributes to a highly aesthetic approach to the historic town and forms an attractive area for businesses and residents, as well as providing historic and architectural interest. The conservation of these buildings is important to maintain this aesthetic value and contributes to local distinctiveness.  

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