Alfold conservation area

Designated conservation area: 1970
Extended: 1989

Conservation Area Appraisal adopted: 16 February 2016

Alfold conservation area map

Alfold Conservation Area Appraisal

Following a public consultation, the Alfold Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) was adopted at Full Council on 16 February 2016.  The document includes amendments to the conservation area boundary.

Material consideration for planning applications

The document is a material planning consideration for all applications within the conservation area (CA).  A CAA identifies and explains the character of the conservation area. It also contains a Management Plan section that sets out specific actions/projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the conservation area as well as managing change in the future.

Alfold CAA (PDF)

Download the Alfold CAA consultation statement (PDF).

General Character

The historic core to the village lies around St Nicholas Church. A cluster of listed buildings and heritage features, including some historic paving, stocks and a whipping post, retain the original vistas and character of the village which makes it easy to understand how the local community lived and worked in the past. The dwellings which have developed along Loxwood Road, particularly on the northern side, connect the historic building Alfold House to the historic core, and the boundary treatments create an attractive, uncluttered street scene that contributes to the character of the area.

Alfold is one of the few Surrey villages whose historic core is so preserved that it is easy to imagine how the local community lived 100, or even 200, years ago. The historic buildings in Alfold are incredibly well preserved; the listed buildings typify the Surrey vernacular with traditional materials and detailing. The business centre on the northern periphery of the CA retains the agricultural barns (now in use as offices), and the church at the centre of the village is surrounded by heritage features such as the stocks and war memorial that give great understanding to the past way of life.

There are 13 Listed Buildings, 2 Buildings of Local Merit and 4 Heritage Features within the Alfold CA.

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