Pre-application planning advice for listed buildings and conservation areas

There are additional planning restrictions for listed buildings and demolishing buildings within conservation areas. 

The Planning Projects team can advise you before you submit a planning application or carry out any work.

Request pre-application advice

What we advise on

We can advise you on:

  • any proposal affecting a listed building and whether it will require listed building consent
  • whether you can demolish a building or structure within a conservation area

For wider planning advice, and all other development within conservation areas you should follow the general development control pre-application advice process, please refer to Need pre-application planning advice?

What we need from you

You will need to tell us:

  • basic information about the property
  • what you are hoping to achieve
  • detailed information about your proposal

Please provide as much additional information as possible in the form of sketch plans and photographs. All of this information will help us provide an appropriate and informed response.

It may not be necessary for a planning officer to visit the site/building to provide appropriate advice. This is at the discretion of the officer dealing with your request.

Cost and forms

This service costs £250 including VAT.

To make a request please use the online form below (you may request wider planning advice on the same form should you also require it).

Pre-application advice form

To request a PDF version of the form, please contact Planning Enquiries on 01483 523583 or at

Buildings of local merit  

Buildings of local merit do not fall within the remit of the listed building pre-application process. If you require advice on proposals related to these buildings, please refer to Need pre-application planning advice? The planning officer will consult the Historic Buildings Officers if necessary.

Development within conservation areas

Except for demolition, all other development within conservation areas should follow the general development control pre-application advice process. Please refer to Need pre-application planning advice?

Trees in conservation areas

Trees within conservation areas are not covered by this process. Find out more about Trees with TPOs and trees in conservation areas.

Got a quick question?  

If you have a brief question which can be answered by a simple phone call or email, please contact: 

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