Haslemere town centre conservation area

Designated conservation area: March 1974

Extended: January 1975, July 1985, 25 October 2005 and 14 October 2014.

Haslemere town centre conservation area map

Haslemere Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal

Following the public consultation, the Haslemere Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) was adopted at Full Council on 14 October 2014. The document includes amendments to the conservation area boundary   

The CAA identifies and explains the character of the Conservation Area (CA). The CAA also contains a Management Plan section which sets out specific actions/ projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the CA as well as managing change in the future.

Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) document

Download the Haslemere Town Centre CAA consultation statement

Material consideration for planning applications

Now adopted the CAA will be a material consideration and should be used in the determination of any application for planning permission, listed building consent and CA consent within the CA. It will also be used to prioritise environmental improvement projects within the CA.

Extensions to the boundary

We approved extensions to the Haslemere Conservation Area on 25 October 2005 and 14 October 2014. 

You can download:

This means that there are certain planning requirements that affect the residents within the defined area.  An overview of these requirements is contained within the leaflet produced in 2014, however further information can be found on the Planning Portal website.

General character

Haslemere Conservation area consists three main areas which have different characters.

Town Meadow on Lower Street which has open spaces and small groups of typical surrey cottages, High Street/ West Street/ Petworth Road/ Shepherds Hill/ Lower Street which is a concentrated area of buildings with shopping and commercial activity many of which are listed which retains the historic element of the area.

The third area around the Church and Green consists of narrow lanes with high hedgerows, mature trees and an attractive setting of the church and green affording a pleasant seating area.

Haslemere Design Statement

The conservation area is also covered by the Haslemere Design Statement which was adopted as a material planning consideration at Full Council on 17 July 2012 

Haslemere Design Statement

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