Dunsfold Park new proposal

The public inquiry, which took place at the Waverley Borough Council offices in Godalming, ended on 3 August 2017.

You can view the evidence submitted by the council to support its position at the inquiry and the evidence submitted by other parties on the Planning Application Record WA/2015/2395

The Secretary of State has agreed to Grant planning permission. The decision can be viewed here.

Joint Planning Committee decision

The inquiry followed a decision of the Joint Planning Committee that resolved to approve a Hybrid planning application for a new settlement which includes 1,800 new homes, space for new businesses, amenity space and supporting infrastructure.

Agenda and decision of the Joint Planning Committee

Planning application and inquiry documents

View the planning application and all inquiry documentation and evidence at:

Planning Application Record : WA/2015/2395

Hybrid Planning Application

The development is for:

  • Part Outline proposal for a new settlement with residential development comprising 1,800 units (Use Class C3).
  • 7,500sqm care accommodation (Use Class C2).
  • A local centre to comprise retail, financial and professional, cafes/restaurant/takeaway and/or public house up to a total of 2,150sqm (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5).
  • New business uses including offices, and research and development industry (Use Class B1a and B1b) up to a maximum of 3,700sqm; light and general industry (Use Class B1c and B2) up to a maximum of 7,500sqm; storage and distribution (Use Class B8) up to a maximum of 11,000sqm; a further 9,966sqm of flexible commercial space (B1(b), B21(c), B2 and/or B8).
  • Non-residential institutions including health centre, relocation of existing Jigsaw School into new premises and provision of new community centre (Use Class D1) up to a maximum of 9,750sqm.
  • A two-form entry Primary School.
  • Open space including water bodies, outdoor sports, recreational facilities, canal basin and nature conservation areas.
  • Public transport routes, footpaths and cycle ways and landscaping.
  • Removal of three runways.
  • All related infrastructure including roads, car and cycle parking, energy plant and associated equipment, water supply, telecommunications, drainage systems and waste water treatment facilities.
  • Part Full application for the demolition of 8,029sqm of existing buildings and the retention of 36,692sqm of existing buildings, for their future use for a specified purpose as defined by the Use Classes as specified in the schedule of buildings and their uses.
  • Temporary use of Building 132 for a construction headquarters.

This application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement and has had 2 subsequent addendums.

More information

Find out more about current uses and permissions for Dunsfold Park.

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