Car park permits

Car park permits - terms and conditions of use

1. A *permit holder may not park a vehicle without displaying a valid permit.

 2. A permit must be affixed to the inside lower left hand corner of the windscreen (front).The penalty for not displaying a permit in the correct manner is a penalty charge.

 3. A permit is valid only when displayed in a vehicle with the same registration number as that shown on the front of the permit and is not transferable to any other vehicle.

 4. A permit is only valid when a vehicle is parked in the car park with the same name as that shown on the front of the permit and will not be valid for use in any other car park.

5. Only a Contract Permit holder may park in a Contract bay.

6.Only a Contract Permit guarantees a parking space within the designated car park. Season Tickets and Residents' Permits do not guarantee a parking space

 7. If you change your vehicle or it is being serviced, you should return your permit and we will replace it. We will aim to post a replacement to you on the same day that we receive your original. You will need to purchase a pay and display ticket during the period when you do not have a permit. The cost of this is not refundable in these circumstances. Please telephone 01483 523408. We will do this free of charge on two occasions in any one year. A charge of £30.00 may be implemented on a third or more occasions.

8. A Resident permit is valid during the times shown on the permit and Bank Holidays.

9. A permit is rendered invalid if it has expired, is defaced, has been altered or is a copy or a counterfeit or a forgery.

10. An administration charges of £30 shall be payable in the event that a permit is lost and a replacement issued.  The administration fee will also be payable, if the permit is surrendered prior to the expiry date shown on the permit.  All entire remaining calendar months will be refunded.

11. The general pay and display parking regulations apply during the charging period. Charges apply between the hours of 8am - 6:30pm Monday - Saturday and on Bank Holidays. A penalty charge shall be payable if a vehicle:

i)  is parked without a valid permit on display or correctly displayed

ii) is not parked wholly within the markings of a marked parking bay

iii) in such a position as to obstruct access to the parking place or access road within the parking place

12. The Council does not undertake to supervise the parking place and will not accept any liability for loss or damage to motor vehicles or their contents howsoever caused, or injury to any person howsoever such injury is caused, unless or to the extent caused by proven negligence of the Council its representatives or agents.

13. Special (Milford) permits are only available to employers/employees of a business located in Milford. Evidence is required.

*Permit: A Season Ticket, Contract, Resident and Special (Milford) 

*Penalty Charge Notice - A notice that requires the motorist to pay a penalty charge of a maximum of £70.

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