Witley Neighbourhood Development Plan

Witley Parish Council, as the qualifying body, has prepared a neighbourhood development plan for its parish. Known as the Witley Neighbourhood Plan, it covers the period from 2017-2032 and sets out a vision for the future of the parish and planning policies that will be used to determine planning applications locally.


We appointed Mr Andrew Ashcroft as the independent examiner to undertake an examination of the Witley Neighbourhood Plan.  See Mr Ashcroft's:

See Witley Parish Council's:

Examiner's report

We have now received Mr Ashcroft's report on the examination of the Witley Neighbourhood Plan. The report recommends that the Witley Neighbourhood Plan, with modifications, meets the basic conditions and can proceed to a referendum.

Examiner's report

What happens next?

We have five weeks to publish a decision statement setting out whether the examiner's recommended modifications have been accepted, and whether the Witley Neighbourhood Plan will proceed to a referendum. 


The Witley Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to Waverley and we ran a statutory six week consultation from 17 February to 30 March 2020. This consultation has now closed and the responses can be viewed below. 

View documents

The following documents are available to view:

Witley Neighbourhood Plan

Supporting documents:


View the responses

What happens to your comments

We will submit your comments to the Independent Examiner appointed to examine the Neighbourhood Plan. Your comments, name and organisation (if relevant) will be publicly available but we won't publish other personal details.

Previous stages

Date Event
4 November 2014 Under the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, Waverley designated the area that the Witley Neighbourhood Plan is to cover.
17 November 2017 Waverley issued a formal SEA Screening Opinion to Witley Parish Council concluding that Strategic Environmental Assessment is required for the Witley Neighbourhood Development Plan. This has now been superseded.
15 August 2018 Waverley issued a revised formal SEA Screening Opinion to Witley Parish Council concluding that Strategic Environmental Assessment is not required for the Witley Neighbourhood Development Plan.
3 May to 17 June 2019 Witley Parish Council carried out a Regulation 14 'pre-submission' consultation on the neighbourhood plan.
Please see the Witley Neighbourhood Plan webpage for more information on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan.

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