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Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Development Plan

Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan

Chiddingfold Parish Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Date Event
3 June 2014 Under the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations Waverley designated the area that the Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Development Plan is to cover.
17 September 2018 Waverley issued a formal SEA Screening Statement to Chiddingfold Parish Council concluding that a Strategic Environmental Assessment is required for the Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan.
24 September 2018 Waverley issued a letter and formal HRA Screening Statement to Chiddingfold Parish Council concluding that a full HRA Appropriate Assessment (AA) will need to be undertaken to accompany the neighbourhood plan.

Find out more about the progress of the Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan on the parish council's website.


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