Air quality - how you can help

Local air pollution has local causes. These are the simple things you can do to help improve air quality in Waverley:

On the go

  • consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle
  • car share
  • maintain your vehicle
  • switch off your engine when sat in traffic
  • walk and cycle where possible
  • use public transport.

Get more ideas, details of local initiatives and advice on going electric from Surrey County Council's transport pages.

At home

  • Insulate your home so there is less need to heat or cool it
  • Turn the thermostat down
  • Group online purchases to reduce the number of deliveries needed or, where possible, choose the 'green' delivery slot
  • Instead of having bonfires, use other ways to dispose of your garden waste.
  • If you choose to burn, follow Defra's practical guidance for open fires and wood-burning stoves
  • Buy, store and season wood to get the most from your wood burning stove  
  • If you purchase or replace a wood burning stove choose an appliance that is 'Ecodesign' ready.  These appliances produce lower  particulate emissions and are due to become law in the UK from 2022.

Reduce your exposure

  • Choose quieter routes when walking or cycling
  • Open your windows for ventilation when you cook, clean, do DIY or do other activities that release pollutants directly into your home
  • Vulnerable people should check the latest  UK Air pollution forecast

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