Do I need planning permission? Non domestic guidance

Rules aobut what you can do without needing to apply for Planning permission came into force on 15 April 2015. The relevant legislation is the General Permitted Development Order 2015.

Adverts and signs / change of use / working from home and other common projects

Please look up your project in the Planning Portal's list of common projects, for general principles.

Prior approval needed for some permitted developments

Some permitted developments still require a developer to seek prior approval from the local Planning Authority to see if specific elements of the development are acceptable before work can commence. The nature of the prior approval varies depending on the specific permitted development right.

Check planning constraints and history

Your permitted development rights can be limited, for example listed buildings, sites in conservation areas, removal of permitted development rights by a planning condition or Article 4 Direction.

You are advised to check the constraints for the site and the planning history.

Check the constraints and recent history for any site within Waverley via the Waverley Planning Maps.

You may also need to check the full planning history of the site. Please call the Planning Enquiries team on 01483 523583.

Next steps

If you believe the proposed work is permitted development and does not require prior approval, but would like the formal decision of the Council, please submit a Lawful Development Certificate proposed use or development.

Not sure if you need planning permission?

If having read the guidance, you are not sure if the work is permitted development you should consider submitting a planning application.

Find out more at Submit a planning application - requirements and forms.

More information

Further information can be found in the Government's Planning Practice Guidance.    

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