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Pre-application planning advice

Pre-application written advice

If you need advice before you submit your application you can request pre-application written advice.

This could help to reduce the time to process the application and save on re-submission costs.

We can provide:

  • householder written advice - for members of the public and planning agents preparing to submit a planning application for a domestic dwelling (extensions, new access, garages and other outbuildings).
  • combined planning and listed building advice - for a project on a listed building or within a conservation area.
  • advice on all other proposed development, including replacement and new dwellings, new or extended commercial floorspace and shopfronts, changes of use, stables etc.

Permitted development enquiries are not covered by this service.  Please refer to Do I need planning permission? page for advice.

The more information you can provide, the more detailed the response can be. This should include a map and any sketch details along with any other supporting information that may be relevant.

Service during coronavirus pandemic

You can still apply for written pre-application advice, but  there will be a delay in receiving a response as it is not safe to carry out site visits. 

What is included?

  • review of your proposal by a named planning officer
  • site visit (except for Householder written advice)
  • detailed report outlining the key issues and areas for change or improvement
  • support to help you to submit an application in its best possible form
  • information on why the proposal may not meet requirements.


Charges vary depending on the complexity of the proposed development and the level of response needed.

Residential extensions and new housing development

Project  Fee  Concessions
Householder enquiries  £100  n/a
One dwelling and other development (includes change of use excluding to multiple dwellings), non commercial stables, shop fronts/alterations  £209.10  £177.74
2 - 5 dwellings  £522.30  n/a
6 - 9 dwellings  £940.50  n/a
10 - 25 dwellings £2,611.20  n/a
26 - 99 dwellings £5,222.40 n/a
100 - 499 dwellings £7,833.60 n/a
500+ dwellings £10,444.80 n/a

Concessions apply to local business relocating within Waverley or wishing to extend or alter their existing commercial premises.

All prices include VAT.

Commercial floorspace and buildings

Project  Fee  Concessions
Up to 150m² and change of use  £209.10  £177.74
151 - 500m²  £522.30  £435.20
501 - 1,000m²  £2,611.20  £2,176
1,001+ m²  £3,655.70  £3,046.40

Concessionary rates apply to local business relocating within Waverley or wishing to extend or alter their existing commercial premises.

All prices include VAT.

How to book 

Complete the request for pre-application written report online form

To request a PDF version of the form, please contact Planning Enquiries on 01483 523583 or at


PLEASE NOTE Any advice given by Waverley Officers for pre-application enquiries does not indicate any formal decision by Waverley as the Local Planning Authority. Any views or opinions are given in good faith, and are based on relevant issues in place at the time of consideration, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application. The final decision on any forthcoming planning application can only be taken after Waverley has consulted local people, statutory consultees and any other interested parties. The final decision on an application will then be made either by the relevant Planning Committee or the Head of Planning Services under delegated powers and will be based on all the information available at the time.

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