How to view, object and comment on planning applications

How we publicise planning applications

Depending on the nature of a proposal and its location, we will publicise a valid planning application by:

  • displaying a site notice at the proposed development
  • sending a notification letter to neighbouring properties whose home or business shares a boundary with the red line of the application site.
  • adding a public notice in the local press.

There are some exceptions to this.

Valid planning applications are normally available for 21 days for people to comment on, and anyone can comment, even if they haven't received a letter. 

How to keep up-to-date with latest planning applications

To find out about planning applications in your area, you can:

Please note:

In the past we could carry forward names and addresses of people who had commented on a previous application on a site to notify them of any new application. Under the 2018 Data Protection legistlation, we are unable to reuse personal data this way. 



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