Waverley's Covid Alert Level is MEDIUM

Residents are urged to be extra vigilant as local Covid cases are on the rise. Remember to wash hands, wear facemasks when required and keep your distance to help stop the spread of the virus.

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Pay at Post Offices and PayPoint shops

Post Offices and PayPoint shops in Waverley will accept Waverley payments for rents, council tax, business rates, invoices, housing benefits overpayments, car park fines and mortgages.  There is no charge for this service.

To use this service you will need a Waverley payment document with a bar-code on it.  Waverley payment documents such as invoices and council tax bills have barcodes printed on them.  The Housing service can provide rent cards with bar-codes on them.

Once you receive a barcode, you will be able to take it to any Post Office or PayPoint in Waverley, where it will be scanned at the counter, payment taken and a receipt issued.

Post Offices

Post Offices can take payment by cash, debit card or cheque (payable to "Post Office Ltd") up to the value of £999.99. 

Post Office branch finder

PayPoint shops

PayPoint shops will accept only payment by cash up to the value of £200.

Find your local PayPoint store

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