Overview and Scrutiny at Waverley

What is Overview and Scrutiny?

Overview and scrutiny can have a considerable influence over how services you use are delivered and managed. The primary role of overview and scrutiny is to hold local decision makers to account and to help improve local services.  This can include:

  • Reviewing and challenging decisions taken by the council and its partners, such as the police and NHS.  
  • Investigating services or policy areas which are of interest or concern to people in Waverley.
  • Making evidence based recommendations to improve services provided by Waverley and other partner organisations.

Overview and Scrutiny Committees

We have an Overview and Scrutiny Co-ordinating board which oversees the following committees:

Overview and scrutiny committees are made up of councillors who are not on the Executive and each committee has a work programme that will contribute to council's priorities for improving services and developing policy.  The Executive will also consult with Overview and Scrutiny Committees on major plans and policies.

Get involved

We want you to get involved by suggesting topics to influence our overview and scrutiny agenda and work programme.  Please ensure your suggestion meets all the following criteria:

  • Directly affects people living and working in Waverley and has already been raised as an issue with the council or the local media.
  • Relates directly to a service delivered by Waverley Borough Council or one of its partners.
  • Has a clearly defined purpose.

Please download the Selection criteria for Overview and Scrutiny (O&S) topics.

Suggest a topic for scrutiny work programme

We will evaluate all suggestions and keep you updated on progress

Keep up to date

You can subscribe to updates to receive information via email regarding arrangements for all committee meetings.  Agendas can also be downloaded using the free Modern.Gov app, available for iPad, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire.

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