Coronavirus - national lockdown measures in place

New measures came into place across England on 5 November to help protect people, businesses and the NHS and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

More information about the lockdown can be found on our Covid-19 advice pages

Housing options - stay where you are

Living with your family

Staying at home can sometimes give you the best opportunity to successfully plan your move into alternative accommodation. 

Living with family has a number of benefits:

  • it can be cheaper than other accommodation, so you can save money to fund your move into new accommodation
  • it may provide a more supportive environment during challenging periods in your life such as having a baby
  • it gives you time to plan, which means you are more likely to move into the right type of accommodation.

Difficulties living at home?

We recognise it is not always easy to stay at home but leaving home is a big decision. So, don't rush into it. Before you leave home you need to think about:

  • what options you have
  • what help you can get
  • where you can get that help
  • how you will manage financially.

We can refer you to a mediation service where mediators can help you and your family to find solutions while you remain at home.

Living alone

If you live alone and feel isolated and vulnerable you could subscribe to the Careline service. Careline allows you to continue to live independently whilst knowing that if you have an accident or feel unwell, help is at hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you find it difficult to cook meals, you may be able to get meals on wheels.

Dealing with debts

If you live independently, remember that you should always pay your rent first, and then use any spare money to repay your debts.  

If you need help managing your debts, contact Citizens Advice Waverley

More information

Find out more about your housing options.

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