Coronavirus - national lockdown measures in place

New measures came into place across England on 5 November to help protect people, businesses and the NHS and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

More information about the lockdown can be found on our Covid-19 advice pages

Trees with TPOs and Trees in Conservation Areas

Works to Protected trees - applying for permission

If you wish to carry out works to a tree that is protected by a Tree Preservation Order or is located within a conservation area you need to complete a tree works application form. Trees subject to a planning condition may require a planning application, please contact us for further details.

All trees in conservation areas that have a trunk diameter of more than 75mm are subject to statutory protection. If you want to cut down or carry out work to a tree in a conservation area, you must notify us, giving us at least six weeks notice. Check to see if your trees are in a conservation area.

If your neighbours' trees are protected, even if they overhang your property and they are happy for you to carry out work, you will still need our consent first.

If the protected tree is dead or is imminently dangerous then the normal application process can be waived, but you must give the council five days' notice of your intention to carry out the work along with evidence. This should be in the form of a letter or email to the Trees and Landscape team. The evidence could include either photographs or a tree surgeons report.

What about hedges?

If the hedge forms part of a garden and has been clearly managed as a hedge, it is not protected. However if it has been left unmanaged for many years and has grown into a line or row of trees, they may be protected.

If you own or manage a countryside hedgerow (or hedgerow trees), then you will need to consult the Hedgerows Regulations 1997, to make sure you fully comply with the law. Please also see Hedge Removal for further information

If you have an issue over a high hedge, please see our High hedges pages for further information.

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