Tree advice

Are my trees protected?

Before you do any work on a tree you should contact us to find out if the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), is subject to planning conditions or if it is in a conservation area or subject to other planning constraints. There is a substantial fine for carrying out any works to a protected tree without our consent.

You can see if any TPOs affect your property and/or whether you are in a conservation area by looking at our Planning Maps.  You will still need to check if there are any planning conditions which could affect any work you want to do.

General information

  • If a tree is growing on privately owned land the responsibility and maintenance of the tree rests with the landowner.
  • Surrey County Council is responsible for the maintenance of highway. Report issues on trees beside roads and highways to Surrey County Council.
  • If you have an enquiry about a tree/s on Waverley owned land, please contact our Parks and Countryside team parks&

Additional advice

If you need tree advice on privately owned trees we recommend contacting an accredited tree expert, such as a Tree Surgeon or Arboricultural Consultant.

  • Tree Surgeons typically provide advice and guidance on tree maintenance; tree felling; planting and aftercare.
  • Arboricultural Consultants will give objective advice on tree condition and safety, and typically, do not undertake works to trees but will provide independent work specifications.
  • Waverley Tree Officers can answer brief enquiries, such as basic checks on tree controls and we can often do this over the phone, this is free of charge service.

The Arboricultural Association  provides a guide to help with choosing a tree surgeon entitled (How do I select the right tree surgeon?)

Waverley's Tree Officers can offer an additional service for:

  • Trees in conservation areas.
  • Tree health and tree maintenance relating to trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).
  • Trees subject to historic (20th Century) Planning Conditions.
  • Potential TPO tree work applications and conservation area tree work notifications.
  • Potential development proposals (not forming part of other wider pre-application advice) or works to trees not subject of statutory controls.

For Tree Officer advice, fill in a tree advice form and post it to us.


There is a £50 charge for a formal response and/or to conduct further research or a site visit.

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