Churt Redevelopment Sites

Map of proposed locations for new affordable housing in Churt


Why are we redeveloping?

Affordable housing is central to community wellbeing. We are working to maximise the supply of affordable housing and meet the goals identified in the Waverley Borough Council Housing Strategy 2018-2023. Our regeneration and development schemes make the best use of the council's land assets to provide new affordable homes which are sustainable, energy efficient, high quality and meet the needs of Waverley residents.

How will the redevelopment proposals for Churt be funded?

Through careful financial management, money has been made available in our Housing Revenue Account to build new council homes across the borough.

How did you identify the areas for redevelopment?

We have been working to identify sites that could support the delivery of much-needed affordable rented homes in Churt. We decided to maximise the potential of our land assets by specifically focussing on sites that are under-utilised or in disrepair.

How many homes are potentially affected by the redevelopment?

We are currently assessing two sites in Churt, which will include up to four existing homes. We propose to replace these with approximately 16 new homes, and consulted with residents on these proposals. 

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