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Map of proposed locations for new affordable housing in Churt

Map showing proposed locations for new affordable housing in Churt


Building new homes

Why are we redeveloping?

Affordable housing is central to community wellbeing. We are working to maximise the supply of affordable housing and meet the goals identified in the Waverley Borough Council Housing Strategy 2018-2023. Our regeneration and development schemes make the best use of the council's land assets to provide new affordable homes which are sustainable, energy efficient, high quality and meet the needs of Waverley residents.

How will the redevelopment proposals for Churt be funded?

Through careful financial management, money has been made available in our Housing Revenue Account to build new council homes across the borough.

How did you identify the areas for redevelopment?

We have been working to identify sites that could support the delivery of much-needed affordable rented homes in Churt. We decided to maximise the potential of our land assets by specifically focussing on sites that are under-utilised or in disrepair.

How many homes are potentially affected by the redevelopment?

We are currently assessing two sites in Churt, which will include up to four existing homes. We propose to replace these with approximately 16 new homes, and consulted with residents on these proposals. Across the two sites we are seeking to add 10 new 2 bedroom houses, 2 x 3 bedroom houses, 2 x 2 bedroom flats and 2 x 1 bedroom flats.

When will a final decision be made?

Following our community consultation and further discussions with tenants affected by our proposals, we anticipate submitting planning applications this Spring and hope to have permission in place in the Summer of 2020, although planning applications are often subject to delays.

When will I have to move out?

At this stage it is not possible to give an accurate estimate as redevelopment requires a relatively long lead-in period before demolition and construction works can take place. Work includes submitting a planning application and procurement of a build contractor. We will always aim to keep our residents updated on progress and give as much notice as we can.

Will I be entitled to any compensation if I have to move?

You will be entitled to Home Loss and Disturbance payments when you move, subject to your rent/ council tax being in credit and reasonable relocation costs. As an indication, the Home Loss payment currently stands at £6,300. Disturbance payments are paid to tenants to cover the reasonable costs and expenses incurred as a result of moving out of your home.

More information on these payments will be given to tenants affected by our proposals.

How will you address the parking issues on the estate?

All new houses will have allocated parking within the boundary of their property or in a very close proximity to the property. Although there will be an increase in the number of vehicles on the estate, the number of off-street parking spaces will be significantly increased. Additional visitors’ parking spaces will be created.

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Housing Options

How will properties be allocated if I have to move?

The allocation arrangements will be set out in a formal Allocations Policy document which will need to be approved. At this stage we can assure tenants that as set out in the allocations policy for redevelopment schemes in other parts of the borough:

  • If you want to return to the site where you currently live when it has been redeveloped, we will offer you a new home on the site.
  • If you want to move elsewhere in Waverley, you will need to join the Housing Register to bid for another home in your chosen area through our HomeChoice Scheme.

If I want to move to another part of the borough, do I have to join the Housing Register?

Yes. Our HomeChoice Team can help with joining the Register and bidding. Please contact us at  for further information on this.

If I am required to move, will I keep my current secure tenancy?

Yes. Existing tenants will retain their secure tenancies when they move into their new home.

Could I move to a smaller/ bigger new build property?

The new homes will include a range of property sizes and types to meet local housing need. A needs assessment will be conducted for each affected household and we will work to ensure you are allocated a home that meets the needs of you and your family.

Generating an additional tenancy?

When assessing housing need of your household we are unable to generate additional tenancies - for example, offering a one bed property to an older son or daughter. If they wish to move into their own home they will need to join the Housing Register.

Will I have to move into temporary accommodation and for how long?

You may need to move temporarily while the new properties are being built, depending on the phasing of the building work. Some people may be able to move once, from your existing home to a newly built home on a different site, but others will need to move from their existing home on a long term temporary basis, before they can move into their new home. We will work closely with tenants as the development progresses to make sure that you go through as little disruption as possible.

Can I still do a mutual exchange?

If you can find someone who wants to mutually exchange with you, this is possible, subject to the usual application process, but you would not be entitled to a home loss payment if you move. You must inform the incoming tenant that they may be required to move as a consequence of potential redevelopment.

How much notice do you need to give tenants?

The terms of your tenancy agreement require us to give you one month's written notice of our intention to terminate your tenancy, but we will let you know as early as possible when you will be required to move.

Will I be able to take my pet with me?

Assuming that you have written permission as detailed in section 6 of your tenancy agreement, you will be able to take your pets with you. If you have any concerns contact your Tenancy and Estates Officer.

Note: we will not allow dogs or cats to be kept in upper floor flats.

Can I take my shed or greenhouse to my new home?

If you move to a new house with a private garden, you will be able to take your shed or greenhouse with you.

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Design and building features

What construction method will be used to build the new homes?

New homes will be designed to fit in with the existing homes in the area. We plan to use traditional construction methods and will build on traditional brick and concrete foundations.

Properties will be built to comply with current building regulations andconform to our latest design standards. All our new homes will meet council approved design standards and will be energy efficient, making them cheaper to heat.

How much better will the sound insulation be in the new homes?

The new properties will be built to comply with current building regulations and will provide much higher standards of sound insulation than is currently provided.

Will there be any bungalows?

Our current redevelopment plans do not include bungalows.However, we intend to provide ground floor flats to meet the needs of households that require a level access home.

Will all the new homes be rented?

We would like to retain a mix of tenures across the estate and will be considering whether to make some of the additional homes available for alternative tenures.

What size will our gardens be?

Garden sizes will vary according to the size and shape of each plot.

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Costs and savings

Who will pay for the cost of moving?

Council tenants are entitled to claim a Disturbance Payment to compensate them for reasonable relocation costs.

Are the Home Loss and Disturbance payments taxable?

We are confident that Home Loss Payments will not be treated as taxable by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). However we suggest that you check with them directly.

How will we be compensated for work which we have carried out on our property and garden?

Compensation for any improvement works is included in the set, lump sum Home Loss Payment. This is currently £6,300 and is subject to an annual review by central government.

Will my gas and electricity bills be cheaper in a new home?

We are planning to build the new homes to meet the former Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes and building regulation requirements. This means the insulation will be very good and the homes will be cheaper to heat.

Do I have a choice about how I pay for my gas and electricity supply?

The specifications for the new homes will include Smart Meters. There is a Government target for all homes to be fitted with Smart Meters by 2020. One of the benefits of these meters is that it will be easy for you to see and understand your energy consumption.

The way in which you will need to pay for your gas and electricity supply will be subject to agreement with your supplier.

Will I have a separate water meter in my new home?

Yes. All new homes will have water meters.

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How will you make sure that enough services are available to support the current and future community?

We will work in partnership with Surrey County Council and the Health Service to consider the impact on schools, transport and healthcare, in order to make sure that residents have access to the services they need.

Will there be additional capacity for drainage, water and electricity?

We will be working with the utility companies to ensure that there is sufficient capacity to service the existing and the new homes.

How will the noise, dust, deliveries and other construction related issues be addressed and managed?

These matters will be addressed and controlled by planners and the Planning Enforcement Team through the inclusion of planning conditions into the planning permissions that will have to be followed by build contractors. Construction works will not be allowed to start until a build contractor provides adequate method statements explaining how each potential construction issue will be managed to minimise any negative impact on existing residents.

What happens if existing roads or other surroundings are damaged by delivery lorries or other construction related activities?

It will be part of the contract for a build contractor to survey and take video or photographic evidence of the conditions of the surrounding roads, verges and other potential surfaces that could be damaged during construction process. The build contractor will be obliged to rectify any damage caused by them or their sub-contractors during the construction process.

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Local environment

What surveys will be carried out to identify the wildlife that will be disturbed as a result of the development?

As part of the planning process we have commissioned various surveys to assess the impact on the local environment, and inform the planning application. These include ecology surveys and tree surveys.

Will you take into account the location of trees?

The location of the existing trees in the area has been taken into account in the tree survey mentioned above. New planting will be taken into consideration as part of the landscaping.

Will any of the fixtures and fittings from existing homes be recycled?

We require the contractor to recycle material from existing homes wherever possible, or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Next steps

Following this consultation and further discussions with the tenants affected by our proposals, PDP Architects will submit a planning application.

More information

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For shared ownership and housing association developments, please contact Alice Lean, Housing Strategy and Enabling Manager, email: or telephone: 01483 523252.

Council affordable housing developments

For Waverley Borough Council affordable housing developments, please contact Louisa Blundell, Housing Development Manager, email: or telephone: 01483 523205.

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