Overseas Registration

Please complete an application to register as an overseas voter if you fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • You were registered to vote in the UK, within the last 15 years, or
  • (if you were under 18 whilst living in the UK) Your parent/guardian was registered to vote in the UK, within the last 15 years.

Which elections can I vote in?

An overseas voter can only participate in non-local elections, i.e. Parliamentary (General) elections and European Parliamentary elections, as well as non-local referendums.

What happens after I submit my application?

Your application will be automatically acknowledged by email and this will include a reference number.

We will process your application and we will send an email or written letter of confirmation if your application has been successful.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will write to you with details on how you can resolve this.

How do I vote if I live abroad?

You will need to setup a postal vote or a proxy vote (appointing someone else to vote on your behalf).

We strongly recommend that your appoint someone to vote on your behalf.

Due to the nature of an electoral timetable, the window to send postal ballot papers is very tight. We have an early dispatch of postal ballot papers for overseas voters which are usually despatched towards the end of March. If you are applying for a postal ballot paper, please do so as far in advance as possible, to enable us to issue them with enough time for them to reach you, and be returned by polling day.

Please download and complete a proxy application or a postal application.

Renewing your overseas registration

All overseas voters are required to renew their registration annually. A renewal form will be sent to you by email or by post 3 months before your your registration is due to expire.

If we do not receive a response, your overseas registration will be cancelled and your details removed from the electoral register.

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