Proxy voting - appointing someone to vote on your behalf

If you can't vote yourself, you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf, as a proxy.

You can apply for a proxy vote depending on your circumstances. The only requirement is that you and the person you wish to appoint as proxy, must be registered to vote.

Applying for a single election?

If you are applying for a single election, you simply need to complete the first page of the form. You do not need to get anyone to support your application.

Long-term applications

Unless you are registered blind, you may have to get someone to support your application to confirm that you have a valid reason for applying to vote by proxy. Page two of the application form gives full details on who can support the application.

How to apply

Please download and print an application form to apply.

More information

Full details are included on the application form, but if you are still unsure please contact the Electoral Services Team via email or via phone on 01483 523116.

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