Taxi Licensing - passenger information

Private hire vehicles are different from taxis

Private hire vehicles may only be booked in advance, usually by telephone.

These cars are subject to fares agreed between the hirer and the operator, normally at the time of booking. The agreement is a verbal contract and cannot be increased by the driver, unless there is a change in the booking details (longer journey for instance).

Private hire vehicles have red plates on the rear and no roof sign or (normally) meter. Nevertheless they are subject to a similar licensing system as taxis, with licence plates on the rear and a licence disc in the front window. Drivers will have undergone pre-licence checks and must wear the up-to-date licence badge.

As a passenger, you are entitled to these details and may ask for them. You should take a note of them, particularly if you want to complain. You will also need these details to claim any lost property you may have left behind.

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