Taxi Licensing - passenger information

What to expect as a passenger in a taxi

Taxis (Hackney carriages) are operated by people (proprietors) running them as a business. Proprietors make their own business decisions within the framework permitted by Waverley Borough Council.

They may charge the fares shown on the fare chart as a maximum, and it is at the discretion of the proprietor of the vehicle or the licensed driver, depending on their own arrangements, to charge less. They may not, however charge more than the fares shown on the chart.

To get an estimate of how much your journey will cost, you can use an online taxi fare calculator.

The vehicles and their drivers must each hold separate licences from Waverley. Also:

  • both the vehicle and the driver should be presentable
  • they must carry evidence of the vehicle licence in a visible position - a white licence plate on the rear outside, and a sign in the in the front passenger-side windscreen, both will have the same licence number
  • the vehicle licence number is repeated on the fare chart, which should be clearly visible to passengers in the vehicle
  • the vehicle will also carry a 'taxi' roof sign.
  • the driver will wear a badge which includes his/her photograph, driver licence number and expiry date. The badge must be valid (not out of date) and you may ask to see it
  • the driver will have undergone checks to achieve the licence, as will the vehicle, so there should be no problem with asking to see the (up-to-date) driver badge and vehicle licence plate/front window disc. A licensed driver will be proud to show this to you
  • No-one should enter a car if they suspect that either it or the driver may not be properly licensed.

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