Fixed penalty notices

What is a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)?

Fixed penalty notices (FPNs) are designed to tackle low-level anti-social behaviour and reduce administration by the council and the courts.

What happens if I receive a FPN?

If you receive a Fixed Penalty Notice, the council has evidence that an offence has been committed by you.

The FPN gives you the opportunity to pay a fine and not be prosecuted and convicted for that offence, and includes details regarding the amount of the fine and when it needs to be paid by.

If found guilty when prosecuted by a magistrate, the penalty is likely to be greater than the amount of the FPN.

Please be aware that if you do not pay the fine within the stated time period, you may then be prosecuted by the council.

The online form allows you to pay a FPN for environmental crimes such as fly tipping, littering or dog fouling.

Pay Fixed Penalty Notice online


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