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Weekly food waste collections

We collect food waste from your green caddy once a week. You should also have a smaller silver caddy which you can keep in your kitchen. If you haven't got a food waste caddy or if you need a new one, you can order one online.

What to put in your caddy

All cooked and uncooked food or uneaten leftovers can be put into your silver caddy.  When it's full empty it into your green caddy.

What you can put in your food caddy

You can recycle any food including:

  • raw and cooked meat including bones
  • raw and cooked fish including bones
  • raw and cooked fruit and vegetables, including peelings
  • dairy products such as cheese and eggs (including shells)
  • bread, toast, pizza, cakes, biscuits, croissants, pastries, etc.
  • rices, noodles, pasta, beans, cous cous
  • uneaten breakfast cereal
  • uneaten food from your plates including gravy, sauce, custard and leftover takeaway food
  • leftover food and ready meals
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • pet food

What you can't put in your caddy

The following items cannot be recycled in your food waste caddy:

  • drinks, such as tea or juice
  • oil or liquid fat
  • food packaging
  • coffee filter paper

If you live in a flat, empty your kitchen caddy into the wheeled food waste bin in the communal waste area.

Lining your caddies

  • You can line your silver food waste caddy with plastic bags or liners making it easier and cheaper to recycle your food.  You can use old shopping bags, bread or salad bags as well as newspaper or kitchen towel.  These materials  are now preferable to compostable bags as improved technology at the food waste plant means that the machinery can split and remove the plastic bags from the food and use both to make energy. Please do not, however, use plastic food packaging or dispose of extra unwanted plastic bags in your caddy.
  • Please note that this does NOT mean that plastic bags can now be put in your main blue recycling bin.

Caddies and collections 

Keep your small silver kitchen caddy indoors. The larger green caddy should be kept outside, ideally out of the sun.

Please do not put your silver caddy inside your green caddy for collection. Only the green caddy should be placed at the kerbside for collection.

Your green food waste caddy will be emptied weekly.   Help prevent unwanted pests by making sure the lid is locked tightly closed. Put your green food waste caddy out for collection, with your rubbish or recycling bin, by 6am on your waste collection day.

Check bin collection day

Check and report missed collections online

If we have any major problems with collections we'll tweet about it. You can follow us on Twitter.

How to reduce food waste

  • Make a shopping list so you only buy what you need.
  • Keep your fridge cool (1-5 degrees) and chilled food will stay fresh for longer.
  • Think of recipes you could use for left-over food, for more information visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

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