Ash dieback

Ash dieback affects most varieties of ash, and has been confirmed in the Waverley area.

What is ash dieback?

Ash dieback (ADB) is a fungal disease spread by spores that causes dieback of the tree's crown.

This can eventually lead to the tree dying either due to the disease or a secondary influence, such as Honey Fungus, which can cause the tree to fail at the roots.

It is estimated that up to 90% of all ash trees in the UK could die as a result of ash dieback (source: Forestry Commission).

ADB kills saplings and young trees very quickly; older and larger trees may take years to succumb to the disease. It is unlikely that any cure or prevention measures will be available in the near future.

Older trees affected by the disease may still have living parts in the crown but the timber/wood in the upper canopy becomes brittle and, if left too long, these trees will be unsafe to be climbed by tree surgeons for dismantling. 

Ash dieback  

Identifying ash dieback

The video below, produced by the Forestry Commision, shows how to identify ash dieback. 

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What we are doing about ash dieback

Our Parks and Countryside team is responsible for trees on council-owned land.

We are monitoring ash trees on these sites and carrying out the removal of infected trees if they are at a level of decline where it is no longer safe to keep the tree, but still safe for a tree surgeon to remove.

Where ash trees do not pose a risk to the public, they will be allowed to decline naturally.

We are carrying out inspections over the summer period to determine which areas/trees need removal over the coming winter period and will update this page as soon as this information is available.

During January - March 2020 we will be carrying out work on the following sites to manage trees that have been identified as having ash dieback.

-          Haste Hill

-          Clammer Hill

-          Sunbrow

-          Weydown Road Car Park

-          Shepherds Hill

-          Alfold Common

-          Guildford Road

-          Elmbridge Road

-          Bedlow Lane

-          Copse Side

-          Summerlands

-          Broadwater Park

-          The Coombes

-          Blackheath

-          Shamley Green

-          Baynards

-          Norley Common

How can I report a suspected sighting of ash dieback?

On Waverley-owned land:

Report a tree issue online or email parks&

On non-Waverley land:

Contact the Forestry Commission

Useful links

The Forestry Commission is the government agency responsible for ADB.

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