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Free Access for County Sportspeople (FACS)

What is the Free Access for County Sportspeople (FACS) card?

The Waverley FACS card offers sports people free access to Waverley's leisure centres.

Am I eligible for a FACS card?

If you live in Waverley and play at county standard or above in a Sport England registered sport then you are eligible for a FACS card.

Where can I use my FACS card?

The card can be used at the following leisure centres:

To obtain free access you must show your FACS card each time you visit a leisure centre.

How do I apply for a card?

Complete FACS application online

You can get a hard copy of the application form at one of the leisure centres listed above or call the Leisure team on 01483 523394.

When completing your application form you will need to include two passport photographs and proof of eligibility from your National Governing Body of Sport. For example a formal document such as a letter on headed paper from the National Governing Body, confirmation from an official email address including a signature or a link to a registered document with the National Governing Body branding. Once this evidence has been received and verified, a card and introductory letter will be issued.

Terms and conditions

1. All FACS card users:

  • Must be playing for a county team or above in their sport (If a county team does not exist for a particular sport we would consider "county level" team) and provide a supporting letter (or similar proof) from an official from their National Governing Body.
  • Must be a resident of Waverley.
  • Must show a valid FACS card on every visit to the facility.
  • Will be restricted to the use of core activities.
  • Cannot book free facilities in advance. (With the exception of Teenfit sessions which must be booked in advance.)
  • Must be a minimum of 16 years of age to train alone in the gym. 12-15 year olds are entitled to book Teenfit sessions in advance, free of charge, on their FACS card. All FACS users must book and pay for an induction.

2. Waverley Borough Council reserves the right to terminate membership should any breach of the FACS scheme conditions occur, or should the facility manager give reasonable grounds.

3. Waverley Borough Council reserves the right to alter the conditions of use at any time. At the discretion of Waverley Borough Council and Places Leisure.

4. All cards remain the property of the council.

5. If you apply for a card to which you are not entitled it could subject you to legal action.

6. Continued qualification for the scheme will be reviewed on an annual basis. If your circumstances change and you are no longer eligible for the card, you must inform Waverley Borough Council and stop using it immediately. If you go on using the card when you know you are not entitled to do so, you could be subject to legal action.

7. If your card is lost or stolen we will charge £5 to provide you with a replacement and you will need to provide another photograph.

Contact Information

Leisure Team
Waverley Borough Council
The Burys

Tel: 01483 523394


Elite is Active Surrey's talented athlete support scheme that proudly helps young athletes prepare for future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The scheme is for national level athletes and will give the very best support athletes need to reach their full potential and develop to world class level.

For information about the scheme and how to apply please visit Active Surrey's website.

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