Community Risk Registers

The Community Risk Register is the first step in the emergency planning process.

Waverley's Community Risk Register provides additional public information about the hazards which are particular to the borough of Waverley.

The Surrey Community Risk Register (CRR) outlines risks throughout the county.

Both registers outline hazards and the control measures that are in place to mitigate their impact.

Waverley Community Risk Register

Waverley Community Risk Register

The risk register is based on worst case scenario assumptions and will help us prepare for these hazards. 

Risk ratings

We have created a risk rating for each hazard, based on the likelihood of the event happening, and the potential impact it could have.

The likelihood and impact values were agreed through the multi-agency Risk Assessment Working Group on behalf of the Surrey Local Resilience Forum (SLRF). As a Category 1 responder and a member of the group, we have used the same model.

Glossary of abbreviations used in the Community Risk Register

SLRF - Surrey Local Resilience Forum - a multi-agency group consisting of Category 1 responders:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Ambulance
  • County and District/Borough Councils
  • Primary Care Trust
  • Health Protection Agency
  • National Health Service
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Government Office South East
  • Highways Agency 
  • Environment Agency.

SLRF Plans - Generic plans created on a county or district basis to mitigate the effects of an emergency within Surrey. These include plans for dealing with:

  • severe weather
  • pipelines
  • transport gridlock
  • fuel shortage
  • communicating with the public
  • major and CBRN incidents, etc

More information

Surrey Community Risk Register

The Registers have been published in response to the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. Find out more at the Cabinet Office UK Resilience website.

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