Bank holiday weekend

Bin collections will take place as normal. Housing benefit payments have been delayed. If you're self-isolating and need help (eg food delivery), call the Community Helpline: 01483 523054.

Council services over Spring Bank Holiday

Moving advice

Moving into your new council home

The first day that you move in, take meter readings for your gas, electricity and water and contact your supplier to tell them your meter reading.

You are responsible for insuring your possessions, including curtains, carpets and flooring.

When you move in you can expect your new home to be clean and that everything is in good working order.  


Moving out of your council home - ending your tenancy

To end your tenancy you need to give four clear weeks notice, in writing (tenancy agreements may vary - always check your agreement for details).  Please contact us as you will be required to complete some forms. 

To end a tenancy on behalf of someone else you must have a Power of Attorney (the legal right to handle someone's affairs for them when they cannot do it themselves).

  • Allow us access to inspect your home before your tenancy ends for any repairs and viewings

  • Return your keys - You must return all the sets of front and back door keys to the offices at Godalming, or your manager if you are in sheltered housing. They must be with us by 4pm on the last Friday before your tenancy ends.  If you are transferring to another Waverley council home, you must hand in the keys for the home you are leaving at the same time as you collect your new keys.  Please label meter keys, window keys, outdoor store keys and any other keys and leave them in the property.

If you do not return the door keys on time you may have to pay a week's rent.

  • Make sure your rent account is paid and up to date when your tenancy ends.

  • You are responsible for emptying the property and must remove all your furniture and personal belongings. This includes rubbish, clearing the loft space, the garden, garden sheds and garages. 

If you leave items you will be charged for them to be disposed of. If we have to clear the property, you may have to pay around £500 plus VAT

How to dispose of household waste

Possessions left behind - we will not be responsible for any possessions that you leave behind when you move out.

  • Return disability equipment - If any disability equipment was provided by social services, for example a commode, and it is no longer needed you must return it to them. Call 01483 206850 to arrange for it to be returned. They usually need two weeks' notice.

If we have to return these items on your behalf we will charge you for doing so. It can cost around £100.

  • Clean your home - You must leave your home clean, including the floors and walls and the kitchen and bathroom fittings.

If we have to clean the property you will have to pay around £130 plus VAT.

  • Leave fixtures, fittings and wheelie bins - All fixtures and fitting provided by us, such as kitchen units, radiators, gas fires, light fittings and doorknobs, must be left behind in their proper place when you leave. You must leave your wheelie bin at the property. You will have to pay if we have to replace it.

If you installed any extra items, you can leave them or take them away. You must repair any damage caused by removing them. If you plan to leave any fixtures or fittings, please let us know before you go.

If you have removed anything and we have to replace it before someone else can move in, you will have to pay for the item and the work.

  • Made any building improvements and alterations? - If you have made improvements or alterations to your home which are not satisfactory we will tell you if you have to remove them, make them safe or put the whole property back into a safe and reasonable condition.

If we have to pay to put right any work that you have done to the property you will have to pay for the work.

  • If you have made additions or alterations in the garden, apart from planting, we will tell you if you have to remove them, make them safe, or put the whole garden back into a safe and reasonable condition.

If we have to pay to put right any work that you have done in the garden, you will have to pay for the work.

What else do I need to do?

Things to do before you leave:

  • ask the post office to redirect your mail.
  • tell the phone and internet company you are moving. Arrange transfer or new connections for your new home.
  • tell us who supplies your gas, electricity and water.
  • tell your gas, electricity and water suppliers you are leaving.
  • read your gas, electricity and water meters just before you leave and give your suppliers the readings.
  • switch off all the lights and sockets.
  • close and lock the windows and doors.

Where are you going?

We need to know where you are moving to, so make sure you give us your new address.

Finding a new home

There are a number of options available to you if you want to move home.  These include swapping your home via mutual exchange or joining a local choice based letting scheme or local housing waiting list.

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