Anti-social behaviour on Council land

Anti-social behaviour on council land

You can report anti-social behaviour on Waverley Borough Council-owned land by contacting the Housing Customer Services Team on 0330 119 3000. 

We may ask you to collect evidence for us. You can download Incident Diary sheets here.

If you are affected by antisocial behaviour in other parts of Waverley you should contact Surrey Police.

It is important to remember there is always help at hand to deal with a range of differing issues. Find out more about how to report anti-social behaviour: prevention and support.

We aim to deal with anti-social behaviour complaints by:

  • bringing about fast, effective action that is appropriate to the situation
  • involving the customer and keeping them informed of actions/steps being taken
  • encouraging a solution to dealing with and preventing anti social behaviour
  • allowing staff to respond correctly

Who does this apply to?

This applies to all of our customers. The good management of our properties requires us to provide safe and secure homes for our customers' peace and enjoyment. We are committed to effectively addressing, preventing and challenging anti-social behaviour.

Equally we expect our customers to be considerate to their neighbours and neighbourhood, to be responsible for the behaviour of their household and visitors and to meet the terms of the conditions of their tenancy or lease that does not allow nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

When a complaint of anti-social behaviour has been received the case will be recorded on our reporting system. A Tenancy and Estates Officer will contact the complainant to collect more information. Once all the information has been gathered the perpetrator will be contacted and appropriate action taken.

You can download our anti-social behaviour policy.


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