Planning enforcement

The planning enforcement team investigates any potential breaches of planning control such as:

If someone reports a breach in planning:

  • We will aim to undertake an initial investigation within 10 working days and more serious breaches will be looked at immediately.
  • Anyone found to be breaching planning control will be given the opportunity to remedy the breach prior to any formal enforcement action being taken.
  • We may ask for a retrospective application if the unauthorised development is acceptable.

Investigation process

Our priority is to protect amenities, safeguard the built environment and uphold local planning policy in the most effective way.

Further information is available in the Local Planning Enforcement Plan. This outlines a number of powers at our disposal and the action we may take will depend on the nature of the case.

What does not constitute a breach in planning

The following examples do not breach planning control:

  • vehicles parked on the road or on grass verges (unless this is associated with the unauthorised use of a property)
  • running a small business from home
  • clearing land of undergrowth, bushes or trees (not covered by a Tree Preservation Order)
  • disputes about boundaries or rights of way
  • disputes about covenants  

Report a breach in planning

Report a breach in planning control online

Please include as much information as possible such as the address or location of the property, full details of the alleged breach, with dates and times, if relevant.

Your name and address will not be reported to the person or organisation involved in the alleged breach and we do not grant public access to our investigation files. However, if formal action is taken (enforcement notices, subsequent appeals or court case) the details of your complaint may become public. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.

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